Anzac biscuits

Anzac biscuits get their name from the story that they were sent to ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops during World War 1.  As the recipe contained no egg, the biscuits did not spoil easily and were therefore suitable to send overseas. Continue reading »

Hot cross buns

These are soft and spicy, just like store-bought buns and are best served warm, with lashings of butter.  This recipe is for “traditional” hot cross buns, which include fruit, however if you want to make them even more fructose-friendly, just omit the sultanas. Continue reading »

Lentil granola

(Adapted from The Stone Soup)

This granola is slightly unusual because instead of using rolled outs, lentils are the main ingredient.  It is delicious on its own as a type of trail mix, or serve with plain yoghurt for a high-protein breakfast.  If you would prefer the more traditional granola, you can replace the lentils with oats – just use 250g of oats and skip steps 2 & 3.  The quantity below yields about 2 cups. Continue reading »