Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat by David Gillespie

Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat (by David Gillespie)

  • Heavy on technical detail but fascinating if you enjoy that kind of thing.
  • Explains how sugar is addictive but that fructose is the culprit.
  • Summarises the issues with artificial sweeteners.
  • Gives you guidelines on how to avoid fructose and its effects on your body and metabolism.


The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How to Kick the Sugar Habit and Lose Weight (by David Gillespie)

  • Good summary of the main points in Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat.
  • Lots of actionable advice about which foods to eat or avoid.
  • Excellent activity to determine avoidance strategies while you’re quitting sugar.
  • Recipes that use dextrose instead of sugar (e.g. cakes, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate sauce).


I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

  • Less pages than the Sweet Poison books, faster to read.
  • Good strategies for avoiding sugar in tricky situations e.g. at work or at social events.
  • Has many great recipes to try.